BaanBoolOo was built with the highest regard for the environment and nature within Thailand’s second largest city as well as respect and longing to preserve the traditional Thai way of life. The house itself is open aired in many aspects and follows ancient methods for capitalising on natural ventilation etc. The roof of the house benefits from the normal north-south airflow. Get back to basics and let your body breathe naturally. BaanBoolOo is designed to get as much fresh air dynamically throughout uppers rooms to avoid the need for air conditioning - even in Summer time! We do have some air conditioned rooms for those who prefer, but recommend natural ventilation which is better for your health, skin and lungs as well as better for the environment. The house was built recently built with 95% reclaimed teak and timbers. Preserving old wood is a labour of love. In addition , all products used are  environmentally friendly such as 100% cotton bed linen and curtains - all sourced locally and made with natural dyes. Eat some of the garden during your stay and learn about the marvels of fresh Thai herbs in your diet here! 
Preserving old wood is a labour of love
BaanBoolOo is probably the most relaxing place in the soul of Chiang Mai for nature lovers to relax and even to meditate, do yoga, hear birds and nature right in the middle of this amazing city. Sleep peacefully in doors in comfort but with all the enchant ment as if camp ing out doors in the jungle! You will feel envigourated from 24 hours day/night of fresh air and almost living outdoors - even in this large city.
experience the pleasures of an authentic Thai home - enjoy tropical living in harmony with nature
Holiday Home & Guesthouse in Chiang Mai
เรือนพัก บ้านสวน กลางอารยะเชียงใหม่
BaanBooLOo RoomsThe design of our home provides a visual journey through the history of the Lanna region; a story about people living life follow in harmony with nature: balancing elements such as heat, rain and wind. Nature influences building designs favouring high ceilings to allow the air circulation and to dissipate hot air easily; steep Thai roofs to protect from heavy rainfall during the wet season. Wind normally flows from south to north, hence houses are traditionally positioned to take advantage of the natural airflow - a feature of Lanna architecture for 700 years. We offer our guests a choice of comfortable Thai style rooms. Some have separate sitting areas and generously proportioned bathrooms or private bath and some are sharing a bathroom. Throughout our resort, we offer an atmosphere of culture and calm, with the quietness of beautiful Thai community in the central of Chiang Mai’s fabulous old town amidst the welcome shroud of lush tropical greenery.
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Life Learning & House Share in Chiang Mai
เรือนเจ้าของ บ้านแบ่งพัก กลางอารยะเชียงใหม่
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Welcome to BaanBoolOo Traditonal Guesthouse & Holiday Home in Chiang Mai old city. .
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BaanBoolOo is probably the most relaxing place in the old centre of Chiang Mai for nature lovers to relax and even to meditate, do yoga, or just chill and hear birds and nature right in the heart of this amazing city. Sleep peacefully in doors in comfort but with all the enchantment as if camping outdoors in the jungle! At BaanBooLOo there are so many places to sit and soak up the ambience it's a great place to retreat from the hustle and bustle pace of modern life. Forget about television, news and packing as much in a day as you can. Here you can really switch off. Because of the structure of the house your skin and body will love the sensation of being open and free. Thai Teak Guesthouse in the heart of historic Chiang Mai. A highly individual Thai traditional teak house which acts as a guesthouse or can be booked as a private holiday home i.e. as a vacation rental home. BaanBooLOo is a unique and slighty quirky residence stubbornly refusing to conform to the 'norm' and resplendent and charming on 3.5m high stilts and hidden right in the heart of old community of Chiang Mai old town with some delightful local residents who love to tell you all about old Chiang Mai 80+ years ago. The house is surrounded by temples and authentic Thai life, with great balconies and a tropical herb garden - dragonflies - butterflies - chameleons - frogs - tropical flora. At BaanBooLOo there are so many places to sit and soak up the ambience it's a great place to retreat from the hustle and bustle pace of modern life. Forget about television, news and packing as much in a day as you can. Here you can really switch off. Because of the structure of the house your skin and body will love the sensation of being open and free. Most of the property is 'quality rustic' in feel. This is because the house was largely rebuilt to include recycling of the old timbers. So there is a hint of the old paintwork here and there and we like it that way. Layers of history upon layers. We are trying to be as eco friendly as possible. The most recent step in the eco friendly direction was in December 2010 when piping was installed to pump water from our well over the main roof to assist with cooling. Much better for your health than air conditioning. The house is a series of individual or connected rooms partly covered by a large roof and elsewhere open. This is an unusual configuration for most foreigners. It lends to the feeling of being at one with nature as the garden and sounds of birds, crickets etc are barely blocked out. There is a slight learning curve. The house is 'open' roof in places so you may find your shower is assisted by the trickle of warm tropical rain at times..and that in rainy season you need to take an umbrella to go from upstairs to downstairs with you! We think it's part of the fun. We could cover every inch of ground, but then you would miss part of the joys of living the traditional way :) Don't worry, rain fall is seldom between October and May and rarely falls non stop. For us Thais it's an exciting and invigorating break from the heat. For those who like more colourful and imposing decorative traditional Thai style there is the proud Po Lieng Room - decorated as befits a local community leader with deep blue walls, richly paneled floors and quality hand carved Thai furniture, some of which is made from reclaimed timbers and even antique water buffalo cart parts. Po Lieng Room has the option of air conditioning which might be useful at times on the ground floor. ( Most rooms are on stilts in the upper house so it's unlikely that you would need air conditioning as the air flow is so great there). You will be amazed how well you sleep with so much natural mountain air flowing around you at night time - even in the heart of this truly enchanting city. Other than the main house there are two secondary 'houses'. One is Baan Khao - ( Baan is the Thai word for 'house' and Khao 'Rice' - a delectable ancient rice barn on naturally bendy stilts. It can 4 - 6 in a very open style with tent like screening and mosquito nets - this is a hot favourite at the moment. An adventurous, spiritual or romantic idyll. There is also Baan Lek which provides a very private first floor natural Thai style room to escape modern life. This is truly the place to experience Thai life at its best without a formal hotel atmosphere. Put your feet up, sample home cooking, watch the squirrels and nature around and languish on huge balconies overlookings the garden with tropical and temple scenery. You can even learn to cook Thai at BaanBooLOo in a traditional home style kitchen under the house stilts in the refreshing shade. Just like a real Thai mum would teach her friends and family not a classroom atmosphere. Some of the rooms have outdoor ( still private ) showers and Bao Sao Room is for romantic stays including an outdoor bathtub. Most rooms have quality Western style mattresses on solid Thai style teak frames. Some have Thai futons if you prefer very traditional sleeping. The house has up to 4 staff according to needs and preferences. There is also a brand new SUV which can be rented as part of a package. There is fast WiFi included. At some point between May and September when things are quiet, en-suite bathrooms will be constructed for Baan Lek, Nong Noi and Baan Khao rooms so that no room need share a WC/ bathroom. We expect there to be 7 rooms and 8 bathrooms in total compared to 6 rooms and 5 bathrooms at present. Please contact us directly regarding detailed availability.
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